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NEW for 2021 -- Virtual Residencies and Workshops!

Ruben Ryan, CADA's Director of Programming, is now scheduling online educational theatre workshops that focus on inclusive theatre and improvisational techniques that work for actors of all abilities whether online or in the classroom/studio.

These workshops are perfect for teachers, performers, directors, and community members - anyone seeking to make their craft more accessible - or as professional development training for schools, theatres, and organizations. They can be designed to meet your needs: size of class, length, number of teachers needed, etc. Cost will be determined on these factors, starting at $50 per one hour class. Classes are held on Zoom, but do not hesitate to contact us if you require a different platform.

Previous workshop topics include:

Physical Acting
Voice Acting
Act for Advocacy -- applied drama for advocacy
The Bully Project -- applied drama for social growth

Virtual Theatre Workshops are now being scheduled!

Contact Ruben for more information:
Below:  Teacher training workshop from August 2020. Follow the Leader on Zoom.
Cost per session is $40

Our in-studio classes will take place at the Balch St Theatre, 220 S Balch St, Akron, OH 44302. Participants should be fully vaccinated. Our online classes will take place in Zoom.

Note: The two studio classes will be offered as online classes in December 2021 for those who do not live within driving range.

ONLINE: Monday August 9: Introduction to inclusive theatre.  
Working with neuro-diverse and disabled students. Techniques for creating accessible theatre from physical set-up of the space to adaptations of theatre games and exercises to use of assistive technology in rehearsal and performance.

BALCH ST THEATRE: Tuesday, August 10:  Physical Acting for All Abilities. Communication with body and voice. Physical and vocal warm-ups that work for everybody. Exploring the power of mask and puppet work to develop characters while building confidence.

ONLINE: Wednesday, August 11:  Improvisation for All Ages and Abilities. Using improv to develop connection, creativity and personal skills. Exploring the power of improv on stage and in the academic classroom.

BALCH ST THEATRE: Thursday, August 12:  Drama-based programs for emotional growth, collaboration and building community:  Self advocacy and Anti-bullying programs give participants an opportunity to share every day acts of oppression experienced by disabled/autistic individuals. Through group analysis, these experiences become scenarios to be rehearsed and acted out by participants. 

ONLINE: Friday, August 13:  Creating inclusive theatre productions/Designing inclusive drama curriculum. Breaking down the accessibility barriers for performers, theatre creatives, backstage workers, and audiences. 

​CADA Teacher Workshops - August 9 - 13
This workshop has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a future date.