New CADA Logo
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New CADA logo
We have upgraded our logo to represent current thinking regarding the use of puzzle pieces to represent autism. A spirited and respectful debate took place on one of our social media posts:   "Please rethink your symbol. The puzzle piece is directly tied to hate so we prefer the infinity symbol. Also, the majority of us prefer to be called autistics and would be very grateful if you took the time to hear us out. ❤"  

We were grateful that some defended our logo as not representing hate, but we do understand that many autistics feel denigrated by being compared to a puzzle piece. After listening to your voices and investigating a scientific study on the issue, we have resolved to eliminate the puzzle piece theatre masks as our logo and will use our rainbow infinity butterfly as the symbol for both The Center for Applied Drama and Autism as well as for our production wing, Theatre on the Spectrum. The rainbow infinity symbol represents neurodiversity. Our theatre work is based upon the celebration of diversity and inclusion. It is our goal to nourish and engage creativity in all who join us to take classes and make theatre together!